Sunnyvale Limousine Service

The Delta Limousines and Car Services has established a strong base at the Sunnyvale. With years of experience we have travelled in and out of the city offering our services to everyone. The Delta Limousines and Car Services welcomes everyone and ask you to buckle your seats for the ride of your life. We provide Sunnyvale services.

Being a most trusted and well established company, we focus on only one thing: customersunnyvale satisfaction. Transport for you provided by our top-class chauffeurs. The Sunnyvale Limousine Service provide trained driver to escort you to any nook and corner of the city and within your time limit.

Limousine with a mini-bar and an entertaining DVD players are additional facilities.Other than the limousines, other vehicles like the SUVs, Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW and other cars to provide a comfortable and stylish journey.All this and more at a price that fits your purse.We also understand the different situations of students and others and provide various special offers and discounts just for them. For good quality service and royal treatment contact us today and get your ride secured.Book us now!

Sunnyvale is a town in California with the Sunnyvale Limousine Service. This is a town which encourages sports and a healthy life. It has parks all over the place. Sunnyvale also has  the San Francisco Bay Trail. The people are very hospitable and friendly. The spirit of Community and the sense of comradeship develops with the many group activities. Sunnyvale encourages the volunteers who take up various projects for community improvement. The Sunken Gardens Driving Range and Golf Course provide an avid experience for the adventurer. The pubic swimming pool is another recreational idea which gets the whole community involved. It has many programs and aides in educating the townsfolk about swimming.

Bayland’s park is the most famous park in this area. It also includes the places like Rooster T Feathers Comedy Club. The Sunnyvale Heritage Park Museum was built originally as a replica of the Murphy Family Home. The home has been renovated into a museum. The Lace Museum is found on Sunnyvale. It is one of a kind, showcasing an extensive collection of lace and lace tools. He museum has a gift shop which sells vintage articles. Despite the natural beauty and the green trees found everywhere, Sunnyvale has shopping malls all over the city. This town has many cuisines from Indian to Thai.

San Jose and Oakland are close to Sunnyvale.