Sausalito Limousine and Service

The Delta Limousine and Car Service present to you a journey filled with fun and comfort. We provide you the Sausalito Limousine and Service.

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Coastal city of Sausalito, California has established itself as a ship builder city. The perseverance that the people of the city displayed in building the city has made it a favorite tourist spot. The people of this city are self made and hard working. The Marine Mammal Centre houses seals and several sea animals that are rare and delicate. This makes a wonderful tourist spot. The animals are adored by everyone who visits. The guided tours have proved to be more effective. The animal conservation program has inspired many and has led people contribute to saving animals. Bay Area Discovery Museum is very child friendly. The museum even has water area. Kids love this museum. It makes learning fun. SF-88L is a missile site which offers several fun tours.

It has excited kids visiting often. It gives a very detailed study of the cold war. This is the only place which still shows the details of the cold war through the missiles. Rodeo Beach remains hidden from the rest of the city, but it offers a visitor’s paradise. The sea always has surfers on it and it has high tides coming in. Bill Dan Balancing Rocks shows the cool laws of physics. This can be used as an example to let the school children understand the logic and the majesty in the law of gravitation.

The Sausalito is located near the San Francisco and Mill Valley.