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San Mateo is one of the largest suburbs in California.

Hillsdale is a large shopping area in the region. The store is a dream for tourists visiting from outside the United States. The building is very large and it has more than 100 stores.

Bay Meadows contradicts the city life. It brings the cowboy in each of us with its horse rides. The city has several parks. The Central park has proven to be the largest park in the area t hold community events. Beresford Park offers a skate park for the kids/ it also provides classes for the interested. Coyote Point Park has sports like windsurfing and sailing. It offers picnic grounds and trails. This park is also the home of the CuriOdyssey which is not just a museum but also a small zoo.

San Mateo is a rich blend of various cultures. The San Mateo Japanese garden weaves Asian culture into the rich American environment. The Sawyer Camp Trail shows a whole new path for hiking and biking. Nandi yoga Centre focuses on fitness. The excellent result they produce is seen by the overflowing number of people who have enrolled themselves into classes.

We are located near Redwood City and Daly City.