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The Golden Gate Bridge has become synonymous with San Francisco. This is credited to the shows like Full House and The Doris Day Show. Several viewers of these shows have visited the place purely because of such shows. The golden gates bridge is a plain bridge. It is neither the oldest nor the tallest; however, it is the most visited bridge in the world.

San Francisco has been voted as one of the favourite destinations of the world. The San Francisco Magic Show is a popular tourist activity. The Marin Headlands provide scenic beauty.   Alcatraz has become a monument. It used to be a prison that accommodated disreputable criminals. San Francisco has a large number of parks from AT&T parks to the Golden Gate Park.

Walt Disney Family Museum speaks volumes about the life of the man who created a global phenomenon-Disney. It even shows the story behind the creation of several Disney characters. The Legion of Honor and the Asian Art Museum are examples of the European and Asian art in the United States Of America. The picturesque sunrise seen from the Twin Peaks is glorious. This sight is worth all the expenses made on the trip.

San Jose and San Rafael are near this big city.