San Anselmo Limousine Service

The Delta Limousine and service provide the best, comfortable limousines and other automobile for you to enjoy. We provide San Anselmo Limousine Service.

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The Delta Limousine and Car Service make available its own DVD player and snack bars inside the limo giving you the royal feel that you deserve. This is quite a treat especially when you are on the way to your prom or your wedding. San Anselmo Limousine Service also offers a number of special offers and additional services which you can avail on enquiry. So do not wait until latter. Book us now!

California has a city called San Anselmo. This city despite the small size and population is the home place of several note-worthy people. The town holds special camps during the summer. It also organizes events to keep the townsfolk occupied in winter and in spring. Gymnastics, swimming and baseball are encouraged and applauded by the people of this town. This town also has a dog park steering committee. This goes into making the city as dog friendly as possible.

Doodlebug in San Anselmo offers a wide range of crazy and strange things. It includes books, craft items, and other creative and artistic thing which are put on sale. It is a completely unique store.

The Egg Hunt is a favorite of kids of all ages. The Country Fair Day is held annually. It features music, great food, engrossing books, entertaining activities and games. It also features a float, which gets paraded around the city. The town really kindles the Christmas Spirit. It involves the entire town in the Lighting Ceremony. Breakfast with Santa is a fun way to spend a day. Santa spends quality time with the children. He gives away gifts which add to the Christmas cheer.

San Rafael and Mill Valley are the neighbours of San Anselmo.