Choosing the location for a vacation, the group travelling, the dates selected for the trip are all the details that go as a preliminary for the tour. The next part of the trip involves choosing the vehicle for transport. The main principles to be considered are safety, comfort and cost. Join us at Delta Limousine and Car Services.

Safety is the prime factor that is always considered without having to be said. We are known for having comfort. A comfortable journey is one where we can travel. Smooth rides, hassle free trips, the gentle movement of the vehicle are what makes are comfortable. Whatever may be your choice, each vehicle gives comfortable rides. We have the latest vehicles which are jerk free and almost glides over the rocks. Our fleet of cars comprises of the sedans, SUVs, stretch limousines and limousines. The cars also include world class cars like Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz and Jaguar. The capacity of the car to fit your need is the next criteria. The number of people to be accommodated can be as small as less than 4 to a huge party of more than 26 people. Any number of people in between can be fitted and the make of the car can also be varied.

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Delta Limousine and Car Services offers a toll-free customer service. any client queries can be cleared on contacting the staff. The staff can also book up cars for us at affordable prices. A quote can also be requested online.

Due to unforeseeable circumstances, if a booking is to be cancelled, Delta Limousine and Car Services offers postponing the trip to a later date an exciting option.

Delta Limousine and Car Services also provides several exciting discounts. It offers exhilarating summer discounts and winter discounts.

The prices are so affordable that the Delta Limousine and Car Services are availed by a teenager looking to enter his prom in style. They are also largely reserved for wedding, bachelor/bachelorette parties and for the small parties held around the year. We also chauffeur the bridal party. The stretch limousines have a mini bar, a mini fridge and television. The limo also has its own private telephone which is connected to the driver. It offers several exciting options depending upon the car model that you need and the number of people due for travel. the packages vary and depend upon each state and the duration of the journey.

Perfection at affordable prices are achieved only at Delta Limousines and Car Services.