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The Pinole is a city in Contra Costa County, California, United States.

The historic Fernandez Mansion which still stands on the shores of the  San Pablo Bay speaks of the beginning of the city, which was initially a small but very busy community. Though this is just a small spot, it is of interest to those who wish to spend their quiet time together as a family, as this place consists of close-knit community.  The “big box” shopping store and the Pinole Vista Shopping Centre are some of the modern shopping centers where tourists love to spend some time.  Big shops selling varieties of goods are found here. Many scenes of Philip K. Dick’s The Days of Perky Pat is set here in a bunker found underground located in the Pinole.

The Pinole is a small place where people know one another  well and where tourists are given special privileges. There are a few restaurants found here and as the city thrives on the few tourists who travel to such remote spots, they are given the best attention.  Many souvenirs and memoirs can be bought at very cheap rates.

In Pinole, you are not a tourist; you are family.

Pinole is located near Alameda ans Solano.