Piedmont Limousine Service

The Delta Limousines and Car Service are available in the lush city of Piedmont to offer their services to the residents and tourists. We provide Piedmont Limousine Service.

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Piedmont is a small city in California. It is rich in natural plant life. Several parks have been developed here. They include Piedmont Park, Dracena Park, Crocker Park and Kennelly Skate Park. The city also has several play areas for children. The playgrounds include Coaches Playfield, Havens Playfield, Linda Playfield, Piedmont Sports Field (Hampton) and Witter Field.

The city participates actively in several resource conservation programs like recycling, organic waste management and garbage collection service. The city infrastructure is very organized. It has separate committees for the various departments and organizations. Churches like Corpus Christi Church, Piedmont Community Church are held with great reverence by the people of this city. The city also has Kehilla Community Synagogue and the Zion Lutheran Church.

Several famous people have heir roots in Piedmont. Clint Eastwood, Billie Joe Armstrong, George Zimmer are some of them.The parks in this city have many trails. These trails are best suited for hiking and biking. It is vital to those trying to be fit. Many people come to these parks to relax and enjoy nature’s beauty. Many people who come here have been advised by their doctors to take complete rest.

Piedmont is close to Oakland and Berkeley.