Fremont limousine service

The Delta Limousines and Car Service has established a strong base at the Fremont. With years of experience we have travelled the city in and out , offering our services to everyone.We provide Fremont limousine service.

Be amazed by how a simple ride might change your view on buildings and places that youfremont pass by in your day-to-day life. Be treated as a tourist in your hometown and brace yourself for the surprise that awaits you through our windows.

We at the Fremont limousine service, are very particular in punctuality and quality. We receive maximum customer satisfaction  and it is with your help that we have several branches far and wide.

We are well organised and have a number of professional and qualified driver with years of experience who will escort you safely through the journey. In their custom made attire, they offer you a royal treatment almost looking like a bodyguard to protect us.
At the Fremont limousine servicewe offer a number of discounts and additional offers which are introduced only for your benefit.SUV, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Jaguars are also available. For a crew of more than 10 we also have different variety of vans which can be booked. The low price we offer these services might surprise you.

Rightly nicknamed the Tree City,Fremont has trees planted all over the city. The Olive Hyde Art Gallery shows off the cultural magnificence.  Fremont Central park which holds the Lake Elizabeth is a tourist spot, drawing both the natives . the north side of the park also consists of the Fremont Golf Course.

Aqua Adventure, a water park is swarming with people, especially in the summer. It is an especially good recreational idea for the kids. Edwards National Wildlife Refuge provides shelter for the animals. it draws the nature-lovers who are permitted to use the trails to go through the refuge. Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum is an excellent spot to pass off the time. It also fills you with nostalgia if you realize that some films were made right where the museum is. The Old Mission San Jose has been restored back to its former beauty. The elaborate architecture should be seen, not specifically bythe pious, but by all alike.

Broadway West Theatre provides great entertainment, especially if you are a fan of the classics. The Iceoplex Fremont is a huge skating rink that is large enough to hold a rink,exercise rooms,figure skating schools, skating parties and ice hockey.

Sunnyvale and Oakland are near the Fremont.