Our growth has been hugely indebted to you. We consider our valuable clients our partners as we venture further into the world of unknown.


We strive to make our clientele more comfortable with our services. Hence we have provided limousines with completely stocked fridges. Our mini-bar is more user friendly. We also have a DVD system. We try to play movies that would be most suited to you. Our cheaper rates have momentous effect in our client list. We have a wide range of people hiring us. The expectation of first-class service is never left unmet. Each and every ride in ur luxury cars is an experience of a lifetime. The cheaper rates have companies booking our cars for their clients as well. Those who shy away from speed and fast cars also find a range of cars to choose from.

Executive Limousine Service

Our chauffeurs have been trained at understanding each client. They are well-versed on the routes in the city. They have information at hand to enlighten the clients about the city.

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Delta Limousine and Car Services has a steady stream of clients looking for a corporate travel. Our steady growth has made us synonymous with comfort and security. Our cars are so spacious that business deals have happened in the car. Our chauffeur maintain their obscurity during the drives. Corporate officials find this most helpful. All our cars, not just the limousines have been decorated to use maximum use of the space. The plush leather can also relax you after a long and hectic meeting. Our modern cars has also surprised our clients with the horse power that they offer.

We excel at providing to you the car of your choice. No car is out of fashion for us and no car is too new to be available for us. Our customer service is applauded and been renowned as the best. our clients aide us in improving our ever-growing business and expanding it. we now offer a wide range of cars. They are so fashionable, that even on the streets, your presence is very significant.

The Delta Limousine and Car Services requires only the basic information. Every other small detail is fixed to your satisfaction of the client. We delight in making a journey smooth for our clientele. No demand is overlooked. No detail is ignored. Book us now!! We have more to offer!!