Benicia Limousine Service

The Delta Limousines and Car Service are located at Benicia at the best prices ever. We provide the Benicia Limousine Service.

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Benicia is a small Californian city that contributes significant digits to the Californian economy. This seaside city has the United States Army Armory, which has been remodelled and used for various purposes including an art studio. The First Street in Benicia is an exclusive shopping spot. It sells retail products and also antique items of historic value.

The people of this city celebrate the first Friday of each month, from May to October. They create the mood of festivity with balloons and live music. They even show the screenings of movies at the City Park. In the beginning of July, Torchlight Parade and Dance is held. It includes dancing and music and floats and horses and clowns. It’s like a carnival.

This city holds arts auction at the galleries at the studios. It also has art classes throughout the year. Some waterside cities encourage surfing. Benicia encourages sailing. The community has set up several events and competition to inspire the sailor in everybody. The Pete Lemone’s Historical House of Mystery is another spot that should be visited for sure. The Glass Beach is a one of a kind beach found exclusively in Benicia. To those on business trips to Benicia, a trip to the Benicia Wine Walk can be quite relaxing.

Benicia is close to Clayton and Corte Madera.