About Our Company

Delta Limousine and Car Services had its unparalleled start in 1999. It was established to provide excellent ground transportation services, irrespective of the wants. Perfection , professionalism are the two keywords at Dental Limousine and Car Services. The dedication along with services offered has aided the recognition by Bay Area which announces as the “Best Limousine Service” every year. When applauded, we strive to increase the standards further.  We are not satisfied unless it’s the best.

This grand brainstorm to venture into the world of transportation and commuting was made by Mike. He understood the silent appeal for good car services. According to the saying, “be the change you wish to see”, he started the Delta Limousines and Car Services. With politie gestures like thanking his clients, ensuring availability of cars and making the chauffeurs more feasible, he took a new step into the world of travel. Consumer satisfaction was attained within a very short span. Repeated hire rate and good feedback lead to the phenomenal growth of Delta Limousines and Car Services. A huge chain of Delta Limousines and Car Services had been formed, with offices in California, New Jersey, Los Angeles and several other places.

The entire system is free of errors in booking and miscommunication. The staff at Delta Limousines and Car Services make sure they confirm the reservations. A last minute cancellations are also handled carefully and taking up the reservation at a later time is an option offered.

Our wide range of clients includes corporate officials and accountants. Tourists are also are our prided clients. The amiable American nature leaves a good impression on tourists visiting from afar. We also provide limos and transport facilities to concerts. Concert vehicles and vans are also booked frequently. Drops and pick ups from the airports are also easily facilitated. Unpredictable minefields like delay in flight arrivals are easily sidestepped by the constant monitoring done by the staff.

Our gratuitous availability of facilities and rendering all the promises fulfilled speaks volumes about our efficient services. Experience the pleasures of hiring our services. Don’t hesitate, call us today to receive unbelievable packages. It would suit your every need. Unbiased client reviews have supported our progress as we grew by leaps and bounds.

Every gesture is made keeping the client at heart. We endeavour to satisfy every unspoken need. We clarify every implicit query. Our client is treated lke Royalty.